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    "The Pandora Battery was probably the most important release of the PS hack scene: a simple hack of the PSP battery, allowing the console to enter service mode. And from there tinker with the device, in particular to install and run custom firmwares, or flash a clean firmware on a bricked PSP.

    But Sony fixed the PSP’s service mode process with new hardware revisions, making the Pandora battery useless on newer PSP Slim (PSP 2000) and all PSP Brite (PSP 3000) models. There were a few attempts at making Pandora work on these models (Datel at some point famously announced the Blue Lite tool, allegedly a Pandora battery for all PSPs, but the hacking device was never released).

    More than a decade later, developer khubik and a bunch of other hackers on PSPx.Ru have just released Baryon Sweeper, a tool that finally makes a Pandora-like process possible on most (possibly all in the near future) PSPs.

    The process is not for everyone, as it involves tinkering with a bit of hardware to create your own “advanced” Pandora Battery with an Arduino, and download some files that might or might not be based on Sony copyrighted material.

    Nonetheless, people who have tried it confirmed that it works, and the list of contributors is impressive, for anyone who’s known the PSP scene for a while. This tool might not be for everyone at the moment (also, nobody would blame you at this point if you threw away, or sold, a PSP 3000 you bricked more than 10 years ago), but it’s possible we’ll see people starting to sell more “customer friendly” versions of the battery, or entrepreneurial folks might want to start buying bricked PSPs on eBay to try and revive them."

    Baryon Sweeper Credits
    Khubik credits the following people for the release (google translated from russian):

    • M4j0r – help with the operation of the Voltage Fault Injection Siskon glitch;
    • Wildcard, Sean Shablack – Glitch exploitation and siskon dump;
    • Proxima – reverse engineering of the Siskon firmware, a script for generating responses to authentication requests;
    • khubik – battery emulator code, script port for generating responses, interface design;
    • dogecore – port of the script for generating responses, repairing streams, interface code;
    • Mathieu Hervais – homebrew code decrypt_os2, decrypt_sp;
    • SSL / Zerotolerance – reverse encryption capability for decrypted files;
    • zecoxao – decrypt_os2 and decrypt_sp ports on the PC, provision of boards, help in the port of the script for generating responses;
    • Yoti – improvements to decrypt-sp, instructions for creating a service card from a dump, MSID Dumper, PSP-3000 for tests (<3), participation in the Pandora PSP-3000 hack topic;
    • EriKPshat – useful information about JigKick, participation in the Pandora PSP-3000 hack topic, instructions for creating Pandora’s kits, assistance with design;
    • Boryan, lport3, dx3d, stasik007 and many more from the Pandora PSP-3000 hack theme – battery and PSP communication records, communication protocol reverse engineering, hardware schematics for communicating with PSP and much more

    Source: wololo.net
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