UFO hovers over Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Discussion in 'The Edge of the Forum' started by TrolleyDave, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Wow! [​IMG]
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    and somehow an american redneck sees it
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    this is a video of a pictures on a screen :/
    - When it's zoomed, we can see screen stripes.
    - The town is not animated at all, no light movements.
    - The town's light diffraction effect doesn't "turn" when the camera is moving.
    - the supposed UFO doesn't emit light to the surrounding town.
    - This wikipedia's picture is exactly the same, without the blurriness/gamma exposition. All the diffractions are identical.

    They could have edited a video instead of a still picture, it would be more realistic.
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    haha. I realized it the first time watching. you beat me explaining. xD
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    But there's a bunch of different videos all from different angles. I'm not saying it's real, but there are other videos.

    Also, some things don't make sense to me:

    Apparently when it comes down, it sits pretty much directly above that castle or whatever the fuck it is (i don't really care to be honest), and when it goes up, it goes fast. I don't think jets go that fast, and they break the sound barrier, so why didn't this thing?

    If it's that big, you'd figure some people would have cellphones, people walking on the streets would see it, and record it, but nothing.

    There's also the lights up in the sky (whether or not they're part of this), flash like a Hollywood UFO type movie. You know where it's a standard orb that just goes round and round and round.

    Lastly, that happened on Saturday. Wouldn't NASA have had a look at it or something?

    I'm also confused as to WHY it's over Jerusalem. Seems kind of fishy to me. Maybe an attempt to get more followers? Seriously, they couldn't pick a more cliche spot or something?

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    The way he says "Or are we?" makes it sound like the more interesting option, even though that refers to actually being alone.