'Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced' coming in 3/09


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Oct 26, 2007

"Almost half a year ago Alchemist announced Triggerheart Exelica was coming to the PS2. Finally, it has a release date. Triggerheart Exelica Enhanced will arrive in stores on March 26 for the whopping price of 8,190 yen ($91) and that is the price for the regular edition. If you want the limited edition with the bundled moe style statue prepare to pay 13,440 yen or $150 thanks to the awful dollar to yen exchange rate.

The “enhanced” features are a story mode with event scenes/voice acting and you can play as Faintear. Neat, but probably not worth paying nine times the price compared to the Xbox Live Arcade version."


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  • elBenyo @ elBenyo:
    It's just a detailed compiler added to the IDE, you can get a GB plugin for RPGmaker to give games a Gameboy look too.
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    Im planning to create an rpg themed around the simpsons, futurama and family guy
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    thats why i downloaded wolf rpg in first place
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    and also to make a kirby rpg and a plok rpg
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    if that doesnt work then i will make a remake of any final fantasy game
  • elBenyo @ elBenyo:
    Stay motivated, don't take no for an answer. It sounds like a lot of resources to make so when people like me say that just ignore it.
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    ill make some tests first
  • elBenyo @ elBenyo:
    Just make project goals. Write up an outline and set and end date. Dont take a year, build up to projects that take longer.
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    i dont need an end date
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    though i cant find on the manual how to add enemies
  • elBenyo @ elBenyo:
    In the TROOP database, select which enemy you wish to have join the fight and insert them into the scene like you would any other enemy. Right click them and select "appear halfway". Then down below in the events panel, set a conditional event for when your main enemy hits a specific %hp and select the "Enemy Appear..." command on page 3. Then select the enemy you wish to appear! :D
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    or at least what enemies appear in which area
  • elBenyo @ elBenyo:
    thats the source
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    thats about rpg maker not about wolf rpg
  • elBenyo @ elBenyo:
    wowza, you're right. I cant find documentation on it
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    ill share the manual if you want
  • elBenyo @ elBenyo:
    I was just reading it, it uses the word Enemy twice in the whole document. Not helpful.
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    btw should i install paint.net?
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    theres a video showing it consumes alot of ram
  • Xdqwerty65 @ Xdqwerty65:
    ik its a meme btw
  • elBenyo @ elBenyo:
    it's not gonna use 20GB of RAM, that was a special case. Should run on less than 100MB
  • elBenyo @ elBenyo:
    I used Paint.net as my go to like 10 years ago. Now I use GIMP for everything.
    elBenyo @ elBenyo: I used Paint.net as my go to like 10 years ago. Now I use GIMP for everything.