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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by montymintypie, Dec 16, 2009.

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    Oct 6, 2009
    EDIT: For future reference, or if you arrived here by Google search, this problem has been solved!

    Go here:

    Source Format: RAW
    Output Format: Acekard 2 (works with my 2i!)

    My Acekard2i FINALLY arrived in the mail today. DealExtreme is cheap, but damn postage is slow....

    I'm having issues trying to transfer my savegame from Mario Kart DS to the Acekard.

    Firstly, I downloaded the European version of the ROM. I live in Australia, so I assumed thats what it would be.

    I then transferred the save game onto my comp using NDS Backup Tool Wifi v0.31f.

    Renaming this to the same name as the nds file, but with the sav extension, I launched Mario Kart.

    First off, the startup chime was different (when the Nintendo logo is showing). On my retail cart, it goes 'Vroom Vroom yahoo!' then takes me to the title screen. When using this ROM, it goes "vrooooooooom" and "Here we go!" at the same time. Those who have played Mario Kart DS will know what I mean. [​IMG]

    When the game loads, it complains about corrupt save data, and then proceeds to erase it. Am I doing something wrong? Several other games have worked, and a few others haven't worked either, but the one that matters most is Mario Kart. Has any one else had problems like this? Solutions? Thanks in advance. BTW I just spent 3 hours ripping the ROM myself with the same tool, and it gives me the same, wrong startup noise. Is the Acekard to blame?
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    It works fine for me. Try updating to the most recent loaders or deleting the .sav file.
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    He want's his save data, so I doubt he will delete it. akAIO 1.5 has .nds.sav and .sav support. Which are you using?