Transfer SysNand save game from Gateway -> Sky3DS

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    I have been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my Gateway 3DS for a while now.

    Just picked up a N3DS and therefore also had to pick up a Sky3DS, as it is per today the only flash cart currently working on the new console.

    I am wondering, how do you transfer this save game data from Gateway over to Sky3DS?

    I know AC:NL does not use a "standard" .sav-file but instead uses the NAND in some way. Is it even possible to do it, or will the save game file forever be linked to the Gateway-cartridge?


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    You could try SaveDataFiler, but I can't confirm this works with Gateway to Sky3DS. You'd need CFW for importing to a retail cart or Sky3DS though as I installed SaveDataFiler to my emuNAND. I don't think that Sky3DS works in Gateway emuNAND in Gateway mode since the Sky3DS emulates a retail cart. Gateway classic can run retail carts, but it can't run CIAs, hence the need for CFW.

    I have successfully used SaveDataFiler to backup saves from Pokemon Omega Ruby to SD card. After copying the save to my computer, I made PkHEX edits and re-imported from SD card through SaveDataFiler. Just make sure to export unencrypted from SaveDataFiler and you should be able to import to another cart or potentially Sky3DS.