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    I recently got Datel Trainer Toolkit, I got tt.bin, I got TT rom patcher 1.72, I installed TT software, I plugged everything, and the toolkit refuses to "talk" to the PC, I checked things out, Windows 7 reports a driver problem with Toolkit, I checked for drivers inside the CD, found it, asked Windows to install it, it failed to "find" it, I opened the usbio.sys driver file with hex editor and found out that the file is unsigned, and we all know how M$ made Win vista\7 "more secure", I tried the same trick on a friend's laptop which had Windows XP installed, it worked perfectly, meaning I need to find a way to install usbio.sys, as an unverified driver, inside Windows 7 64bit, I tried siging this driver with DSEO and disabling driver signing by booting the windows with the mode disabled, both failed, does anyone know a way to install an unsigned driver, even from a retail CD?
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    There's a trainer toolkit for 3DS?
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