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  1. Tedorama

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    Nov 9, 2006
    Got a Phat DS (old so no warranty available) and the touch screen is playing up, basicly it works 90%, and is fine for most games,

    but the problem is there seems to be a small 5mm by 5mm dead section of the screen where no input is ever registered and also around that area its innaccurate, which causes much problems with games where accuracy is needed (bba, brain training, picross, meteos, polarium etc)

    tried recalibrating many times which does not help, and its getting to a point now where its seriously annoying me.

    now i found This which seems to be what I need to fix the problem. But before I buy one I need to know:

    1. are all DS phats the same revision, will it definatly fit?
    2. is changing a phat's touch screen an easy or tough job to do?
    3 is the screen surface (the part where you actually tap the stylus) also part of the touch screen?
    (as this is also damaged quite badly and gives me more incentive to do this repair)

    Thanks in advance for any advice/info
  2. 4saken

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    Nov 28, 2006
    1. Yes. The only difference is between the DS Lite and the older DS.
    2. It's relatively safe and easy. Just minor skills like unscrewing the case, replacing the ribbon, etc. As long as you take care it should be fine.
    3. The touch screen and the LCD screen are two separate things. What you actually touch is the digitizer (touch screen), and under that there is the LCD screen. When you replace the touch screen, you replace the surface. There is no need to replace the LCD unless its broken or displaying incorrectly.

    You can get cheaper replacement digitizers off eBay. Quality should be roughly the same for a much lower price (friend's personal experience)
  3. Tedorama

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    Nov 9, 2006
    Thanks for the fast reply.

    I suspected that (#3) was the case, and its probably the physical damage on the surface thats actually causing the problems.

    Your right about ebay too, lots of hong kong sellers with them up for sale, which is where ill probily grab one.