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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by opzarnbee, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Ok so i have firmware 3.4(U). I am trying to install waninkoko's cmios. I have the latest hbc and i am wondering where i would have to put the cmios file in the sd card. i put it in the root and it didn't show up on hbc. I tried it in the apps folder and it didn't work either. Also i am also trying to use wiigator's gc backup. (that shows up fine in the HBC.) So i guess i am asking...How do i get wiigator's to work? I tried his cmios and it seems to not install correctly (yes iam connected to internet). Do all these problems all stem back to my firmware...or is am i just missing something. Also i would prefer to use waninkoko's cmios not wiigators. any help would be grateful. Thanks.
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    I guess you are not getting much replies probably because people are tired of replying to the same question. Hope you REALLY did a search for the guide already before posting this..

    But anyway, here goes.

    I use the guide by djtaz and successfully installed whatever you want (gamma loader).

    See here:;#entry1454886

    Hope it helps..
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    If you are connected to internet, then why don't you use the Waninkoko's cMIOS installer and run it thru Wi-Fi method and no need to place any wad wich by the way is has to be on the root of your SD but you need the installer in the apps folder so it appears on the HBC and then the installer read the wad on the SD...!!! [​IMG]
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    what i did with waninkoko's cmios is put it in the apps folder and the only way it showed up on my homebrew channel was me renaming waninkoko's cmios from cMIOS_rev1-Installer.dol to boot.dol.

    i'm not sure if this works on wii 3.4 because i am on 3.2 but usually for me when something doesn't appear in the homebrew channel i have to rename the file to boot.dol.

    you may or may not already know this but remember to have the file in its own folder.
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    lol yes you have to rename it to boot.dol
    some people act like were inthe stone age of wii hacking. READ READ READ PEOPLE
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    lol, yea bugaveli.

    I hate it when noobs who dont fucking read or understand helps noobs.
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    And where were you to help out, idiot.
    Maybe if the uber-1337 dicks like you actually helped people instead of taking the piss out of those that try to help, people would be more knowledgeable.

    I really hate some people on this site...
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    Sure we might be a bit rude sometimes, but this forum is full of lazy people that do not want to do anything for themselves. They want their hands held through everything, and want it done yesterday. We don't need to help those that do not help themselves. There is plenty of info on this forum for everyone that can take some time to search and read.
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    Guys, this is NOT the place to explain your feelings on noobs or people helping them (or not helping them?).

    (now if only i'd have mod access to the Wii boards, this would already be cleaned [​IMG])

    Please kill the flaming. Thanks [​IMG]