this is a request is for 3ds in ds mode online

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    ok, a few things has been bothering me, if you need a action replay dsi for online support, why don't you use pokemon trasfer to enable a cheat change similar to online support (the code for invalid wifis) second why has nobody made like a dns, or like a hotspot trick to redirect the 3ds to connect to these servers instead of nintendo's non existing ds wifi. In other terms, is there any possibility someone could create a hotspot program (im using linux ubtunu 15.0.4 and it has that feature) managing to redirect the connection to lets say wiimifi, would that be possible. and if so (or a already existing idea) please tell me.

    p.s I'm stupid on the occasion so if i got my info wrong, forgive me, but im basing this with the fact people created a dns that enabled (somewhat) for 3ds to redirect to a page that would trigger a exploit