Think I bricked my N-Card or something!!! URGENT!!

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    Dec 19, 2007
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    I HATE the N-Card. My younger brother has one, and he always begs for the newest game and stuff. The problem is, the n-card works with only about 75% of old games. The other games like Legend of Zelda, Transformers, Lego Indiana Jones, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles... etc. He is the most annoying thing, and if I could just shut him up by getting him the games he wants, I would love it. I have tried to update the firmware and stuff to 2.53 menu, but it didn't do anything. My other brother and I own R4 clones, and they work perfectly.

    However, this is not the major issue. Usually, I use a windows computer, but when my annoying brother wanted a game at someone elses house, I used a mac. However, I took out the usb cable afterward, and tried to play the game, but it didn't work. When I plugged the n-card back in, half of the files were gone, and all of the games and saves dissapeared. Worst of all, the n-card doesn't work anymore, and the menu doesn't boot. HELP!!! How do I fix it??

    If you don't know how to, can you recommend the best non-n card clone flashcard?? I was thinking about the dstt flash card, except when I looked at the price...

    THANK YOU!!!!!