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    Spiffy 360 Themes

    I am sure most of you are aware of the Theme site (Spiffy360), but I wanted to make a thread here for support, suggestions, ideas, new loaders to add theme support for etc. As you may or may not know, we are open to suggestions and try to implement new features that help the community grow.

    About Spiffy 360 hosts Xbox 360 NXE Dashboard themes, Freestyle, XEX Menu, Dash Launch, FFPlay 360 and will support RXE when it is released. hosts Wii Loader themes including the Homebrew Channel, USB Loader GX (software has built in theme downloader support that connects to our site for themes), Configurable USB Loader (also connects to our site for themes), Wiiflow and more. When you add a theme for USB Loader GX or Config Loader, those themes will automatically show up in the softwares download system. We will support Wii U themes once the system is released and we are able to create themes for the system or loaders. hosts PS3 themes for the Dashboard, Gaia Manager, Rogero Manager, MultiMAN, Coldboot at more.

    Adding themes to the site is very simple and if you have issues adding a theme, contact us and we can get you access to an FTP location you can send the theme to and we will add it for you. We will do anything we can to help out, you just have to ask. If you are working on a theme with someone else, when adding your theme, you can choose other users that can have access to upload new versions of that theme so you can work on it together and both upload new versions.
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    Spiffy is the best. I recommend everyone check it out.
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    Im a member, i recommend people check this out.
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    I am not a member, but this is approved by THE BOSS.. :yay: