1. homsar47

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    Jan 21, 2014
    United States
    Woah! I haven't been on here in ages...well, last year or something like that. It still feels like forever.

    (To clarify, some may know me as NicklausW, Mint, or (back in the day) EpicThings).

    Anyway, there's a project of mine that I've been posting around various places, and just now I remembered my old GBATemp account.

    Not only do I have to make a SNES game, but I also have to write all the tools for doing so.

    What I'm working on for now is the assembler. It'll be very basic and somewhat low-level, but is coming along. You can view the source as I go here: https://github.com/NicklausW/neptune

    The main reason this has been to myself this whole time is mostly cuz I'm just afraid of people saying it's not worth my time and I should do something that would actually be worth it. To those who would agree to that statement: I don't care.

    Anyway, I've been maintaining a small blog of the journey. Hope you guys enjoy it, and follow along as I go.

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