The rad tale of Persephone


Jul 30, 2008
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origin story: it was a hot and humid summer morning when i saw a black cat run across the neighbors yard which is still currently vacant i thought nothing of it. later that day the clouds began to thicken and rain as well as wind, and thunder. the tv's program (i cant remember what was on) cut to an ugly green screen, it was the national weather service basically saying tornados a comin! i was looking out every window in the house looking for anything that resembled a funnel in the sky. when i looked in back yard i saw the same black cat blast off into the wood pile that we had. now these were some massive sections of a tree my father cut down a few years back. anyway two minutes after this had happened my sister called wanting to be picked up from college, both of my parents were worried but didn't want to go anywhere. i told them that i would go if you didn't. the suddenly came around so we all went to pick her up. luck seemed to be on our side since we weren't hit by any tornado i managed to take a picture of the beautiful piss yellow sunset after we got back.

and then: my father was cleaning a chair on the porch when he noticed two kittens playing in front of the wood pile, he called me outside to show me the kittens and he devised a plan to capture them, the plan was to flank both sides of the wood pile and grab one the first try they noticed us and ran into the wood pile after a long while the kittens came out to play the mom was also out. this time my dad managed to capture one of them but the other was left cause he was to busy getting his hand bitten the shit out of so we took her to the basement put her in a makeshift cage made of a laundry basket and a can of paint we bought all of her kitten needs. she wouldn't eat let alone move to scared of her new surroundings she curled up to the nearest cornor and stay there but after some intense petting and feeding she came around. (i also have to poop her by wiping a wet paper towel on her butthole till she started digging)
her name: persephone was the only name that fit for her situation the abduction myth in which hades(my dad) takes here to the underworld(the basement). and this i believe is the latest picture of her that i took.(all pictures taken with dsi camera).
next on the rad tale of persephone: persephone has worms!??!? oh no!!!

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