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    Sep 13, 2009
    After a little discussion, I've begun a Wiki so NSMB hackers can document everything possible about their hacks, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    The main goal of this wiki is to be used as a tool to promote the various NSMB hacks being made/finished by the NSMB Hackers from around the world to help them achieve a high status and promote the distribution of High-Quality hacks.

    If people would like to make a page for their hacks, they are free to do so under the following conditions:
    -The hack must be alive and in progress, or finished.
    -The page must have a neutral stance on the hack and/or any other hacks that may be mentioned. (Zero tolerance on flaming other hacks, or biased language about hacks.)

    Anything else I would like to say is already on the Wiki's main page.

    So far, there are only two pages on the Wiki (both of my own hacks), and I would like it if my fellow NSMB Hackers contributed to the building of this Wiki as I think it could be used in some great ways once it has developed some more.

    And the link to the wiki, of course:

    Thanks for you attention, (or not).