Text Editing SRW Z2.1

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  1. chris bryce

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    Mar 21, 2014
    Good day~

    I'm working on Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai-Hen.
    I was able to change the text of menus by hex editing.
    However, I can't figure out how to change the color of text.

    In hex editor, a single byte separates each text entry:

    In-game, the word "Pilot" is yellow and variable-width while "ROBOTS" is white and fixed-width.
    Moreover, i can't seem to find a pointer table for the text in this menu. Unlike mech names and pilot names, which i can easily change the pointers.

    Is there a section in the same file, EBOOT.BIN, where i can change the color of text and hopefully the spacing between each character.

    I'd really appreciate any help~
    Thanks in advance~