TES IV:Oblivion Mod Problems.....

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    I have been installing a lot of mods lately to give the player new armor and weapons and such...but i have a problem. when i put my sword back on my back/hilt they turn super long and sometimes puncture through the ground. one weapon mod even created 2 or 3 hilts on my characters hip. also, some mods i get for new races the necks on them look like they were cut off and stitched onto another body (with invisible stitches). i have downloaded many fixes from the crash and bug fixing thread, but i still get these annoying bugs. I also use OBSE, BOSS, and OBMM. My conflict report from OBMM is below.

    View attachment OBMM_conflict_report_1_17_10.txt
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    Your best bet is to just ask this on TESNexus.com. All the knowledge is there, and not here.