Technology and Society by Neil Postman

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    Since it seems to be a popular thing to post things that are attempting to grab your attention and challenge the status quo, I would like to share with you some wisdom from Neil Postman. An over looked philosopher and author who has had sentimental value to me ever since I became familiar with him and his works.

    The late Neil Postman—author of Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985)—spoke on the topic of technology and society in Grand Rapids early in 1998. His entire presentation is available on YouTube in seven parts. Postman was something of a modern prophet and his voice is worth returning to in our technology-centered society. In this presentation he makes some important points including this one: Every new technology solves problems (for some people); but each new technological advance also generates its own set of new problems. Thoughtful points like this are littered throughout his writings and this presentation.

    Technology and Society by Neil Postman:

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