tatsunoko vs capcom controls

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    Okay can someone tell me the controls?


    well anyone
    and don't bother answering when the only thing you want to say is: Buy a classic controller, its more fun, cuz i only have 1 and i need the controls so my friends can play aswell [​IMG]
    i don't recon i forgot a control but if i did, just add it [​IMG]

    thanks in advance!
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    Dude. Im a noob and i was able to find the answer. People don't reply because there is already a post here http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=122976 by LightyKD. Learn to use the search function or people are going to get annoyed or give you a bad rep fast. Trust me, i don't post a lot because i know how to read and look for answers.

    Wii Remote Nunchuck Configuration
    ...(A) = standard attacks
    ... = strong attacks
    ... (A)+ or Wii Remote waggle = Special Attacks (drains your special meter)
    ... © = im still confused about this one
    ...{Z} or Nunchuck waggle = partner assist
    ...{Z} or Nunchuck waggle + Back (analog stick) = partner tag in
    ...(+) = Pause Game
    ...(-) = Taunt
    ...(1) and or (2) = has NO use