Tales of innocence english patched - Save issue

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    Oct 10, 2010
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    Hi, I was playing Tales of innocence (with the awesome translation patch) and I got to the point where you get Ricardo on your team, then I saved on the world map and turned the ds off.

    Now when I open my save the game just freezes [​IMG]
    Other saves from other games work, but I think my save file has become corrupt somehow?

    I have uploaded my save here

    For anyone who is kind enough to help me see what the problem is [​IMG]

    It would also be awesome if someone up to around getting Ricardo could upload their save for me [​IMG]

    I have tested the save with r4 wood and akaio so that isn't the problem and other saves load fine.

    Thanks in advance 8-)

    I have already posted this here
    but I don't think it will get any replies.