System transfer from 3DS XL Emunand to N3DS Sysnand

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    Something came to mind all of a sudden. Since 3D Fantasy Zone has 9.0E firmware on it, that means I can delete emunand and reformat it to 4.5, then use the rom to update to 9.0. (I know, I have a USA console and can't do this)

    But my question is, does system transfer require both 3DS to be on the SAME firmware, or the LATEST?

    Also, is it even a good idea to system transfer emunand (3DS XL) to sysnand (N3DS)?
  2. Apache Thunder

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    System Transfer needs both systems to be on latest firmware. Also, you can't system transfer to another console that is not the same region. Both must be the same region for it to work.
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    Feb 15, 2015
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    I have a new3dsxl , could i have my 3dsxl 9.5 emunand and then use system transfer to new 3dsxl? then i could keep 3dsxl for gateway and new3dsxl for realtail carts