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    Quick question everyone -- how reliable is a direct ethernet connection for two 360's to play, say, Halo: Reach? Is it possible or do I need a routing switch between the two? Thanks for any help you can pass along!
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    um, if its two 360s in the same establishment, an ethernet cable, if separate establishments, x-link kai.
    others will provide further details in need be
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    They both need to be on the same internet connection, or be on different internet connections but very close to one another using XLinkKai. Microsoft initialized a 30 Ping patch, so that people could not use XLinkKai as a artificial Xbox Live if they got banned. So the Ping between the two Xbox 360s would have to be below 30, or they will not connect to one another. Now if one of them is a JTAG'd Xbox 360 with the Ping test patched you could easily use XLinkKai in order to connect to one another, but the JTAG could only join, not host. While this goes for all Xbox 360 games, original Xbox games are unaffected by this.
  4. DarkWay

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    Aug 21, 2008
    If it's just two 360s in the same house then yes, you can just plug an ethernet cable directly into each of the 360s to use system link.
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