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    Apr 27, 2018
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    Follow the Choidujour tutorial (the bit about getting BIS keys and mounting SYSTEM). I won`t repeat what is there, however, in brief:

    1) Get your BIS keys. Use BisKeyDump for this
    2) Download Hacdiskmount
    3) Download memloader

    Dump all memloader "samples" folder to SD root
    Get your BIS keys - email them to yourself - or use lockpick_RCM or my Switchboot, which can do it for you and save them to a file

    Run hacdiskmount, use BIS key 2 to activate "SYSTEM" - test your BIS key by clicking "check entropy"

    Mount as a drive, browse it and delete files I said above. I haven`t really got time to do a full tutorial... But if you are unsure, maybe you should let someone else do it for you.
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    Mar 15, 2009
    Thanks, i'll try
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    Oct 5, 2015
    Just wondering whether you tried to launch any game on OFW from SD card to see if it works and check slowdowns.
    Also there, it seems you got yourself a whole ton of cards there, so the question is how often you have swapped them?
  4. xiah_pro

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    Mar 15, 2009
    Not very often!
    There memory cards that I used to test new games, I usually use only Lexar 256GB.
    Anyway, thanks all, I sent my Switch to where I bought it to fix. Hope to be fine