Swapping new 3DS XL

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    Hey please don't hate on me for this.

    Basically I bought an AUS 3DS XL. The new one is coming out in the UK by Feb 13th. I have not touched the new 3DS XL really apart from putting my name in it and watching the 3D video.

    What do I have to do to make my 3DS "brand new". MY evil plan is to buy a new 3DS XL during the UK launch and then return my AUS console as the new one to a huge super market store where they don't know much/anything about gaming.
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    Go Fuck Yourself
    Thats interesting. Kind of devious, and without a doubt a scam. I mean, yeah it's TECHNICALLY the same product.. But different serial numbers and what not. So, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
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    You mean that you swap a new 3DS XL for another new 3DS XL right?
    I do not see much harm in that, other than that the new owner might have some issues with the e-shop (? will he?), in which case he could get it replaced at a store.
    I mean, it's not ethical, but I do not see much harm in it.

    Towards your question: just reset all the settings, clean it up (especially fingerprints and other signs of usage) and you should be fine.
    Only issue could be the seal that is on the box the DS comes in, I know my regular 3DS' and 3DS XL had those.
    However, most stores would take it back when returned within the maximum return period right?
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    Why would you swap a PAL for another PAL??? I could see someone in the US doing this because it would be swapping PAL for NTSC version. But there really is no reason to swap a PAL for another PAL...
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    Can I swap my incoming AUS new 3ds for a NTSC new 3ds? oh wait... I CANT:blink: