Supercard ds two and movie player

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    I am using the iplayer plugin that was in the cards website in the download plugin section.

    I like that this video player lets me play movies and that it does display its great picture. However it seems its very laggy for me.

    When i am watching a movie it lags fairly bad the sound moves further than the actual movie and its somewhat slow. I tried seeing if i can mess with the iplayers settings but there doesn't even seem much to mess with.

    This is kind of disappointing because movies seem unwatchable like this, they look great but you can't really watch them. Can someone watch movies in this player without lag? Maybe i need to mess with something? If i have to go and change the videos resolution it kind of ruins the whole point of '' no converting'' and '' convenience''.

    Moonshell works but only in .dpg will movies function, however quality is mediocre AT BEST in moonshell even when cranking up the conversions to highest quality.

    Can someone let me know what video formats the iplayer supports? The website plugin descrition only mentioned a few and then goes off to say '' etc'' however mp4's don't seem to work. I tried some wmv and they work but everything is laggy..
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    Most of the times yes, it's the resolution, and yes you will want lower-resolution files.

    The whole "no convert" thing was mainly about not having to use DPG and it's heavy limitations, they definitely shouldn't have used that phrase.

    WMV and AVI are the two most common container formats you can try.
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    I normally use AVI with 640x480p. and it works fine but wider avis don't work very good.