Super Mario World

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    Magic mushrooms, strange creatures, far away lands..Sounds like a Lewis Caroll novel doesn’t it? No it’s actually the brainchild of Takashi Tezuka, Super Mario World. Despite its release nearly twenty years ago this game has carved out its own place in video game history and has been the inspiration for many sequels in the Mario franchise.

    Super Mario World has always impressed me with its impressive depth. But this game also maintains the simplistic gameplay we had grown to love with previous Mario games. I believe that in my case it’s the simple gameplay that originally drew me to the game and the impressive size of the game that has kept me playing over the years.
    I still remember the year the Super Nintendo was released, my family had just moved from Southern California to Washington and my sister and I only had one Christmas wish, an SNES with Super Mario World. But my parents were either too cheap or clueless and ended up getting us an NES with Super Mario Bros. 3. Don’t get me wrong it ended up being a great present and we played the hell out of it, but it still wasn’t the real deal. I didn’t get to fulfill my Super Mario World dream until the late 90’s when I discovered emulation. Despite getting a late start I got on the game I don’t feel like I missed out on much and I’ve had the chance to play through this masterpiece many times since.

    With 72 levels and literally hundreds of secrets to discover, Super Mario World has many hours of gaming goodness to offer you. What I like most about this game is its accessibility. Nearly anyone that can hold a controller can play this game. There are very few complicated maneuvers and button combinations to learn. But just learning to use two or three buttons will almost get you through the game. Another feature that immediately drew me into this game is the save feature. The older Mario games has no save feature which meant you had to start over every time you played the game or else leave your console on until you wanted to play again. Super Mario World allows you to save your progress throughout the game which works out well to a college student like me.

    Despite many advantages over previous Mario games some player might feel like they are just getting a dose of the same platformer. There are many similarities with between Super Mario World and previous Mario games, but I also think there are enough differences to keep even the most cynical players occupied for hours. Super Mario World features new bad guys, tons of secrets in every level and many new bosses to test your skills.

    Even though some people might consider Super Mario World just another dose of the same old Mario formula, I think this game stands out in the Mario franchise. Simple gameplay coupled with a deep storyline and many levels will keep you occupied for hours. If for some reason you have overlooked this game, do yourself a favor and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.