Super Mario 3D World Lets Play

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    EDIT: Posted on wrong page sorry :P But still feel free to take a look, would still help out!

    I've very recently started up a Lets Play channel you YouTube with the name: MikeytTaylorGaming (Although Mikeytaylor1991 works better in search...) It's still a WIP, Video quality will be perfect tomorrow when i pick up my capture device from the post office... :P So the first and second parts are a little crappy quality i'll agree, but from 3 onwards they're fine :)

    Anyways, i'm just wondering if a few people could drop by to part 3 and have a look and tell me what they think? Perhaps throw a like in there because I've really enjoyed doing them so far and hope to get an insight into what other games people would like to see.

    Thanks a lot to anyone that can help me out, I know this community is great help so this is the place I decided to post first!

    Edit: sorry, I don't know how the hell I confused the Wii U forum with the regular Wii... OOOOOPSSS hahaha
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    I don't like Let's Plays, but I like guessing what you are talking about. =)

    And yes, there is definitely too much cat mario.