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    Oct 18, 2004
    I was wondering if there was a program that was going to have dpg playback but with the ability to read the subtitles on the lower portion of the ds, It occured to me as I was watching a anime that the subtitles get pretty squashed due to screen size. I thought ("wouldnt it be better if the subtitles were played on the lower section of the ds, it could allow for different sizd fonts to allow hard of sight and could could be then allowed to fill the bottom and allow for cleaner viewing of movies and anime") .
    Just a thought. Anyone know if a program already exists like this? and does it work on Sakura?
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    There's no media players that can use both screens at once and once implanted into the movie/anime it can't be read by a program, it's like watermarks.

    We would need a new media player (Not even sure if it's possible to access both screens for playback
    And double tall movie files with subtitles on the bottom (Re-Done subbing.)

    Not gonna happen, sorry.
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    Could happen. Eponasoft's multimedia codec would be capable with some buffer optimizations. As a developer, I'd say that it would be possible, but I wouldn't expect super fast frame rates or anything snazzy. You'd also have to go and create your own file format/dump of the texts and timings. It's a bit trickier once you think about it.

    Found it:

    - James
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    Oct 18, 2004
    sounds interesting, so for the moment there is nothing like what I suggested that exists, but if someone with programming skills were to try it, it could be possible. What if the added memory card that you can buy was added to the system, couldnt it help play the subtitles on the lower screen and let the film run on the top. Im without any skill in programming terms so I dont know if this is even possible.
    Thank you both for you comments.
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    As DSGameMaker alludes to DPG tends to push the console to the limit (the arm9 does video while the arm7 does audio: why you can not have MP3).

    Just a thought but if you have softsubbed anime (usually in MKV form) you could simply demux it (mkvtoolnix ( ) has the abililty in mkvextract (GUI here is command prompt is not your thing: ).
    You can then quite easily increase the size of the font, be warned it may mess up positioned subtitles for signs and what have you.

    If you really wanted you could OCR hardsubbed anime (subrip: ) to get some subtitles and do the same. You would probably end up with 2 subtitles unless you blurred/logoremoved or coloured the background and put them over the top.