Student Film Help: Spy-themed gamer footage

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    I am helping with a student film with a spy theme.

    We need some footage that has:

    - helicopter flying in a city
    - first-person-view of exploring/running around inside a building (spying)
    - thermal view of people (prisoners?)

    The perfect scenario would be a situation where we had no hud or person/user/weapon on the screen..
    I'm not really that much of a gamer, but a quick search looks like GTAVOnline or Goldeneye is a good match for what we need, but is there a way to change the view so you don't see the player or his weapon? or turn off the HUD?
    Any better options?

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    The act of using game engines to generate footage is usually known as machinima. Many modern games will have options for it and if now then "how to make machinima in ????" will probably get you somewhere, even if you end up hacking something a bit to make it work better.
    One basic overview, though done in typical "unscripted" youtube style.

    Thermal, assuming the game does not have it, I would probably consider looking at a plugin or fun with colourisation for. Can't say I have done such a thing in recent times but the following might be an example of an older method

    Go to the 45 second mark for an example of coloured thermal, black and white based is earlier on.

    avisynth is my chosen video editor and the above is a plugin for it, it is a script (think programming) based editor but so very powerful. However if you only need to generate some fake thermal shots to feed to your more normal editor then it should not be too taxing to use. is the download.
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