Straaangge problem with my earbuds

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    Ohai, as you guys don't know. I bought new earbuds for my iPod just a little while ago. The skullcandy holua in ear. These are made for iPods. Yeah, I know skullcandy isn't made for quality, but for style. But I got these for 20 euros, and they're 80 euros normally [​IMG]
    It has a button.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Lol at the horrible quality.
    That button does:
    If pressed once, it pauses or plays music.
    If pressed twice quickly, it goes to the next song.
    If pressed thrice (I don't even know if that word exists [​IMG]), it goes to the previous song.
    Also, if you hold it for ~3 secs, it will go to voice control (also for the people who didn't know the iPod had voice control, hold the home button [​IMG])
    At least, that's SUPPOSED to happen ;_;
    When I plug in my earbuds, it's like if a ghost is randomly pushing the button. Anything listed up there will randomly happen while playing music.
    In the beginning this was only like a pause, I'd click the button again, and my music would just play on. I could live with that.
    Though unfortunately it worsened. It randomly goes to the voice control like thrice per a 4 minute song. Also, when I was at school just an hour ago, it wouldn't even play my music.
    When I'd push the play button on my screen. It would immediately be paused. It didn't even get the chance to play the music even for 0.01 sec. I could push it as much as I liked, but it went to pause.
    After a respring (or restart) my iPod would play the music without any voice control popping up or anything else. But when I plug in my earbuds again... You guess ;_;

    Is this a problem with my iPod? With my earbuds? With ghosts? With dark magic? With karma? With U!?
    I don't know what the f-ck I should do.
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    Contact skullcandy, or your local reseller, because that's not normal. Apple will probably give no support, because they are aftermarket headphones, and not made by apple.

    Also, thrice doesn't exist. It's three times [​IMG]
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    This is even stranger, I updated my iPod's firmware (after backing all of my pirated game saves and jailbroken apps up with ssh. Manual back-up FTW)
    And now I just pretty much fixed the problem O_O
    Though, my iPod isn't jailbroken anymore now XD
    I'm currently downloading the felixbruns fw for redsnow..
    Except for the fact that I can't play pirated and emulation games now due to no jailbreak.
    A lot of my icons also dissapeared XD
    Since I had over the maximum of pages (iconoclasm automatically adds more pages when you run out [​IMG])
    I had the regular 4x4 icons... I don't like placing my apps in folders too [​IMG]
    Soo.. basically, My apps dissappeared XD

    And more important, I fixed the earbuds problem [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (and thrice does exist imo. Directly from wikipedia: Unlike once and twice, thrice is somewhat dated, often used for a comical or intentionally archaic effect. Three times is the more standard usage. On the other hand, once and twice are almost always preferred over one time and two times except when needed for parallel structure (e.g. when listing "one time, two times, three times"). The reason for this may be that many native speakers perceive thrice to be a made-up word modelled after the real word twice. However, this is not the case as thrice is a direct descendant of Old English þr??a with the adverbial suffix -es)

    (also also, there is a page on wikipedia that got uncyclopedia as it's trusted source XD)