1. ravippe

    OP ravippe Member

    Mar 24, 2011
    United States
    I went to best buy just a minute ago, and saw a blue , and black 3ds

    the blue one was ADD to cart

    the black one was preorder?

    i was like WTF!!

    so i clicked on shipping/avail under the title black 3ds cosmo

    and i selected my store. I picked one in New hampshire

    it let me order it and i got to pick it up tommorow

    this is a way you can check those stocks before they want you too those bastards..

    they are soo dumb there.

    so any late nighters like me! go buy one now!!

    have a great day goodluck to everyone that wants one.

    I heard that they are shipping twice as many 3ds as wii's did. So im sure everyone will get one, no one even was playing it at my local best buy in new hampshire today. they where like Yawwwnnn..
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