Stooges Guitarist Ron Asheton, Found Dead

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    The Stooges guitarust Ron Asheton was today found dead at his home today, it is suspected he had an heart attack around New Years Day.

    Ron was a big inspiration to many punk, rock and garage guitarists ever since The Stooges burst on the scene and most of his riffs were ripped off as well. Recently he rejoin The Stooges and made a fine album, as well as toured with the band too.

    So lets hear some of those great riffs:

    No fun:

    I Wanna Be Your Dog:

    Search & Destroy:
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    I remember when I first heard Search and Destroy on the radio. I was taping the local college station back in like '78 or '79. They played that and Transmaniacon MC by B.O.C. Both songs hit me like a brick, but the stupid DJ didn't say what the names where or who they were by. I must have spent months trying to figure out who did them.. originally I thought it must be the same band. Finally I heard Search & Destroy again and this time the DJ announced it. I rushed out and bought the album. The album sounded like SHIT. Horribly produced, muddy, just crappy sounding. That year I bought three albums that sounded like total crap, Raw Power by the Stooges, Blue Oyster Cult's first album, and Pretties For You by Alice Cooper.

    Needless to say they remain three of my favorite albums.

    Sad to hear about Asheton, I saw him with Iggy back in the mid '80's when the Stooges did a small club tour. They were awesome.
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    Oct 12, 2004
    Search & Destroy is one of those songs that either makes me wanna go on a riot or just fuck.

    Congrats you're not totally stupid!! Here is the first picture, good luck

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    Nov 4, 2006
    Heard them at the FIB '07. Too bad.