Star Wars Force Unleashed II E3 2010 trailer

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    Gametrailers has released a new trailer for the Force Unleashed 2 ahead of schedule. It is apparently the official trailer for E3, and i must say i'm impressed and intrigued at the story behind it. Take a look-

    Other link-

    This apparently begins not too long after the first Force Unleashed. I would imagine what i'm about to say would potentially spoil the first Force Unleashed, so i'll keep it in the spoiler tags shall I? [​IMG]

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    So basically, this is the sequel to the first Force Unleashed. After a rather lackluster list of reviews citing all sorts of technical flaws and boring gameplay, Lucasarts has decided to make a sequel and hopes to fix all the issues with the first game. In past interviews, developers have mentioned that they intend to improve lightsaber combat to make it more like it should be (hopefully meaning we won't have to cut a stormtrooper 5 times just to slice him in half, sabers should be able to do that in one hit). They hope also to improve the storytelling and characters. And i personally have to say, besides Starkiller's monologue, i was rather impressed. We can only hope the gameplay will be good, we have yet to see any of that.

    This game is releasing for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, DS, iPhone, and PC's. There has been information stating that the PS3 version will use the Move controller for lightsaber combat. I would assume the same is true for the Wii version with the Wiimote. Lucasarts expressed their disappointment that the first TFU was released before Motionplus was released and would like to develop a sequel using it. Maybe this will be their time. I would speculate that n-space is doing the DS version again, but we'll see.

    Game releasing October 26th this year. I must say i'm more excited for this than the first one, hope it lives up to the promises, and hope to see some gameplay soon! [​IMG]
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    haha. was just about to post this. Well i hope its better then the first. But cinematic trailers can be quite deceptive.
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    First game was good I finished it twice and the DLC I'd give it an 8/10 for a Star Wars game lol 7.5/10 as a stand alone (if that makes sense).
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    Fixed the video and added a link to the original GT vid, where you can watch in HD. [​IMG]
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    Alright judging by the cinematic trailer I would say that this is definately the original character from the first game.

    I wish gameplay in all games could be even close to as epic as the cinematic trailers, but sadly many games that try often become quick time scenes which kills the game.

    EDIT: also I would bet good money that you will have to fight all those clones in the game
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    Jan 4, 2009
    Holy hell that looks awesome! Even though its a cinematic trailer and no gameplay (probably a month or two till that) it looks like its from some new Star Wars movie that is not connected to the original.

    I remember when the first one hit the stores here and I was like "OMG Finally!". Played it through a couple times (I got it for PS2) and got bored. Sucked that there was no multiplay or re-playability.

    I also heard that the Wii version of the first one was a straight port of PS2 version.

    I hope that this will be different on each console, and that they put a bit more effort for the Wii.
  7. Gamer

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    With all that power, I wonder how he couldn't kick Darth Vader's ass lol
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    I've never been a Star Wars fan, but that looks very good. I just hope they use Motion+ for the Wii version.
  9. Overlord Nadrian

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    Jul 28, 2008
    Are those CGI graphics? If so, they look stunning! (I know it's not actual gameplay, but still!)

    Definitely interested in this, I absolutely LOVED the first game, I found it to be the best Star Wars game ever, actually, so obviously I can't wait to see what this is goin to be like! [​IMG]
  10. 431unknown

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    Looks pretty bad ass! I hope it is better than the first one and longer.
  11. KuRensan

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    Awesome trailer..... They must make an movie out of this game
  12. Daizu

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    The beginning of the video seriously makes me doubt that the Marek in this trailer is a clone, but following the idea that he is: That Marek doesn't know there are other clones and believes he's the original Marek and is looking for Juno. But, as I said, I don't believe it's a clone.

    I believe that we'll encounter those clones that Vader looked at in the trailer throughout the game and we'll have to fight them.

    Oh, Marek taking on all those Stormtrooper's was epic. Dual-lightsaber's will hopefully make for good gameplay and awesome QTE's. The one's in the first Force Unleashed were cool, but got boring after watching like four billion times. =|
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    I'm also hoping for more replay ability and customisation.

    In the PSP version you could only control single sabers in all modes; if there's a similar mode to "Force Unleashed" then I'd want there to be a saberstaff option too.

    Hoping the game doesn't change too much from the trailer, although graphics will change depending on console , obviously.