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    I'm looking to get the Dudley voice clips from SSF4, but the internet has failed me. So, I decided I'll just rip my legit copy. Microsoft is the only current console developer I haven't tried modding yet, so I'm a bit out of the loop. My basic question is if there is a program that will rip SSF4 (IMGburn?) and if there is a program similar to UMDGen v4 or DSlazy for 360 games. Also, what are the expected filetypes for the sound files? Nothing xpert2 can't handle I hope.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Not sure how well IMGBurn will work for this sort of thing (it certainly will not make a usable ISO from an official disc but one that is able to be parsed for ripping purposes is different matter)- personally I would just download the iso instead. Option 2 is decidedly more tricky- you can do hard drive installs (NXE installs) which differ from GOD installs by very little (the disc is there only as an authentication token) and there is a GOD2ISO type tool available if you decide ripping the NXE install from the hard drive is a good idea.

    There is a ndstool/umdgen equivalent after a fashion (the actual functionality is split across a few tools but you only need one for this)
    Xbox image browser:
    Xbox360 Iso Extract
    WX360 (have a look around the website while you are at it as there are bunch of great 360 tools).

    And it goes on. While I am linking there is a mac version: and options for linux as well

    Bonus tools, if you are going far into the 360 tools like Le Fluffie App, wxpirs and xextool

    After this sound can be tricky- much like any other console developers can use the SDK stuff or they can do something else. I have pulled playable WMV (note without sound) files from several games before.

    The SDK type format is a kind of hardware accelerated WMA called XMA though and people have made a bunch of rippers/converters. You can grab it: and another in "ToWav Music Converter" (you will want the quotes when you search for it).

    Some companies (most notably EA with MUS) build on top of this

    As usual though it might well be easier to use a sound test and a loopback into the line in of a computer.