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Dec 20, 2006
United States
From Brawl Central:

Hope this helps people playing it in Japanese.
*added co-op

Single Player Event Mode:

1. Two Trouble Kings
Stage: Delfino Plaza
(Mario - KO Bowser and Dedede)

2. Landmaster Startup
Stage: Corneria
(Fox - KO your enemies with the Landmaster)

3. Pinkball Infiltration
Stage: Halberd
(Meta Knight - KO Kirby before he lands on the stage)
*unlocks Halberd Ship Trophy

4. Skyworld Cleanup
Stage: Skyworld
(Pit - Break all the platforms on the stage)
*unlocks Palutena Trophy

5. Aim to be the Champion!
Stage: Pokemon Stadium 2
(Pokemon Trainer - KO Pokemon Trainer)

6. Bowser Bros.
Stage: Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1
(Bowser - Make it to the end of Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1 before the Marios do)

7. Diddy Kong Panic
Stage: Mario Circuit
(Donkey Kong - KO the 15 Diddy Kongs)

8. Go! Trinity!
Stage: Pokemon Stadium 2
(Pikachu - KO Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard)
*unlocks Route to Viridian from Palet Town/Pewter City CD

9. The Beast Lurking Below
Stage: Castle Siege
(Ike - KO two Diddy Kongs; if you reach the dungeon below, you'll end up having to fight a Giant DK)

10. All Star Battle Regulars
Stage: Final Destination
(Any - KO the 8 series regulars = Mario, DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu)

11. Yoshi Rainbow
Stage: Rainbow Cruise
(Ice Climbers - KO the red, pink, yellow, green, sky blue, and blue Yoshi in that order)

12. Sleeptight in My Egg
Stage: Yoshi's Island
(Yoshi - Capture Kirby and Pikachu in your eggs)

13. Dragoon Rush
Stage: Halberd
(Kirby - KO three Warios with Dragoon)
*unlocks Legendary Air Ride Machine CD

14. Let the Flower Pikmin Bloom
Stage: Distant Planet
(Pikmin and Olimar - Protect your 6 Pikmin until their flowers bloom)
*unlocks Red Pikmin Trophy

15. Dedededede Hammer
Stage: Smashville
(Dedede - Alongside two Dededes, KO a Giant Metal Dedede)
*unlocks King's Dedede's Theme CD

16. Equip the Powersuit!
Stage: Frigate Orpheon
(Zero Suit Samus - Get the Smash Ball and use your FS)

17. Some Serious Waterfall Climbing
Stage: Rumble Falls
(Zelda - Make it to the top of the stage)

18. Till Death, Dark Link
Stage: Eldin Bridge
(Link - KO Dark Link)
*unlocks Dark Mountain Forest CD (on hard)

19. Wario Bros.
Stage: Mario Bros.
(Wario - KO Mario and Luigi)
*unlocks stage Mario Bros.

20. All Star Battle Brawl 1
Stage: Battlefield
(Any - KO all the new Melee characters = Wario, Meta Knight, Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Pikmin and Olimar, Lucas, Diddy, Pokemon Trainer))

21. Visiting Onett
Stage: Onett
(Lucas - KO Ness)

22. Go! Giant Donkey!
Stage: Rumble Falls
(Diddy Kong - KO Sheik and Lucario alongside DK)

23. Red-Hot Norfair
Stage: Norfair
(Samus - Enter the capsule before your enemies do when the lava approaches)

24. Come On! Blue Falcon!
Stage: Port Town Aero Dive
(Captain Falcon - KO your enemy with your FS)
*unlocks Fire Field CD

25. The Aura in Me
Stage: Mt. Coronet Spear Pillar
(Lucario - KO Ness and Sheik; you start with 182% damage)
*unlocks stage Mt. Coronet Spear Pillar

26. Carefree Concert
Stage: Smashville
(Ness - KO all the Olimars)

27. Three Giants, Giant Trouble
Stage: New Pork City
(ROB - KO Bowser, DK, and Charizard)

28. The Flower that Blooms on the Note
Stage: Elektroplankton
(Peach - Hit all the leaves on the tree in the right to turn them red)
*unlocks stage Elektroplankton

29. All Star Battle Semi-Regulars
Stage: Yoshi's Island
(Any - KO Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ness, and Jigglypuff)

30. Sonic Boom
Stage: Green Hill Zone
(Sonic - KO all 15 Sonics)

31. The One I Protect
Stage: Castle Siege
(Marth - Protect Zelda until she transforms)

32. Crow of the Dark Night
Stage: Lylat Cruise
(Falco - KO Mr. Game & Watch)

33. The Demon King's Descent
Stage: Hyrule Temple
(Ganondorf - KO Link, Zelda, and Pit)
*unlocks Big Temple/Temple CD (on hard)

34. All Star Battle Melee
Stage: Pokemon Stadium
(Any - KO eight Melee combatants = Bowser, Peach, Zelda, Ice Climbers, Marth, Mr. Game & Watch, Falco, Ganondorf)

35. Flat Zone Visitors
Stage: Flat Zone 2
(G&W - KO Peach, Jigglypuff, and Toon Link)

36. High-Tech Special Forces
Stage: Shadow Moses Island
(Snake - KO Samus, C.Falcon, and Wolf)

37. The Flying Pirate Ship
Stage: Pirate Ship
(Toon Link - KO the two Yoshis when the ship is in the sky)
*unlocks Song of Storms CD

38. Wolf on a Fox-Hunt
Stage: Lylat Cruise
(Wolf - KO Fox and Falco)
*unlocks Star Wolf (Starfox Assault) CD

39. All Star Battle Brawl 2
Stage: Sky World
(Any - KO the new hidden characters from Brawl = Dedede, Ike, Lucario, ROB, Toon Link, Snake, Sonic, Wolf)

40. The Final Showdown
Stage: Final Destination
(Any - KO Bowser, Dedede, and Ganondorf)

41. The Real Final Showdown
Stage: Final Destination
(Any - KO Giant Mario, Snake, and Sonic)

Co-Op Event Mode:

1. Two Trouble Kings
Stage: Delfino Plaza
(Mario, Kirby - KO Bowser and Dedede)

2. Master the Pokemon Double Battle!
Stage: Pokemon Stadium 2
(Pokemon Trainer, Pikachu - KO Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon and Pikachu)

3. The Quickest, Shortest Sudden Death
Stage: Warioware
(Yoshi, Dedede - Survive 10 sec. with 300% damage)

4. DK Tag's Calamity
Stage: Mario Circuit
(DK, Diddy Kong - You start out with the Lightning effect; KO all enemies)

5. Yoshi Squad 50
Stage: Rainbow Cruise
(Meta Knight, Pit - KO all 50 Yoshis in under one lap)

6. The Secret Sneaker
Stage: Port Town Aero Dive
(Zelda, Zero Suit Samus - KO your invisible enemies)

7. Till Death, Dark Squad
Stage: Eldin Bridge
(Link, Samus - KO Dark Link and Dark Samus; you have 200 HP stamina)

8. All Mine!
Stage: Sky World
(Wario, Bowser - Collect 2,000 Gold together)

9. Those that Stayed in Onett
Stage: Onett
(Lucas, Ness - KO Luigi and Yoshi)

10. The Cypress ROB
Stage: Summit
(Lucario, Ice Climbers - Take turns KOing the ROBs)

11. Renovation Strategy
Stage: Luigi's Mansion
(Luigi, Pit - Get 300 Gold without damaging the mansion)

12. Come Back! Falcon Flyer
Stage: Big Blue
(C.Falcon, Pikmin and Olimar - KO two Samus in 30 sec.)

13. A Tender and Tough Blade
Stage: Hyrule Temple
(Marth, Ike - Take turns KOing enemies = Link, Meta Knight, Ganondorf)

14. Guardians of Darkness
Stage: New Pork City
(Ganondorf, Wolf - Take turns KOing enemies = Giant Charizard, DK)

15. Four Swords Brawl
Stage: Pirate Ship
(Toon Link, Toon Link - Collect 500 Gold before your foes do)

16. Jigglypuff's Big Change
Stage: Castle Siege
(Jigglypuff, G&W - KO Jigglypuff as it gets bigger and bigger)

17. Sonic and Mario
Stage: Green Hill Zone
(Sonic, Mario - Take turns KOing enemies = Two Marios)

18. Shadow Moses's New Arsenal
Stage: Shadow Moses Island
(Snake, ROB - KO two ROBs)

19. Andross's Shadow
Stage: Lylat Cruise
(Fox, Falco - Avoid Andross's attacks and KO Wolf)

20. Final Showdown Together
Stage: Final Destination
(Any, any - Take turns KOing enemies = Wario, Dedede, Wolf, Meta Knight, Ganondorf, Bowser)

21. The Real All Star Battle
Stage: Battlefield
(Any, any - Take turns battling the entire roster)

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