SSB3D Blackscreen on SysNand, but not on EmuNand?

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    Jan 15, 2016
    Gambia, The
    Hi there!
    First off, some info about my system:
    O3DS, EUR, ShadowNand, Luma3DS(6.2 or so),
    SysNand Firmware 11.1
    EmuNand SDK Firmware

    I just wanted to play some SSB3D again(after like a year or so).
    So I inserted the cartridge, started the game, welp, black screen.
    My first thought was, I didn't use pathchanger, or made a mistake or something.
    Tested an official Ambassador GBA title, worked perfectly. My R4 also worked flawlessly.
    So I tried to run it from EmuNand, not expecting anything, but to my surprise it worked. It told me I should download update files(but having no eShop makes that a little complicated), but it worked.

    Does anyone have an idea where and how I f*cked up?
    I have really no idea at all.

    Thanks & Greetings!