1. SodaSoba

    OP SodaSoba GBAtemp Regular

    May 28, 2018
    United Kingdom
    So I've had broken sr&sl and decided to fix it
    Because of the harsh fold on itself on the right joycon they tend to break after time.

    20201023_195404.jpg 20201023_195419.jpg 20201023_195430.jpg 20201023_195643.jpg 20201024_140655.jpg 20201024_140713.jpg 20201024_140704.jpg
    While it was broken I decided to reshell and fix drift too
    It was probably less than $15 to fix everything including new shells, it seems joycon parts are cheap.

    I also decided to swap my buttons and grips for my procontroller and now it has a very comfortable soft touch. This is mainly a show off post but also to say drift & sr&sl fix are cheap
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