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    I've been doing a few experiments with Spotpass and this is what I've found. Probably not new information to most people, but some helpful tips:

    1. Spotpass is bound to the system it was first installed in. A system format will invalidate the Spotpass data saved on the SD card. (Needless to say, Spotpass data cannot be shared between different systems)
    2. The only way I've found to force the 3DS to check for Spotpass data has been to change the date of the system.
    3. Changing the date of the system will not allow you to get Spotpass data from a previous date. (obviously)

    Something I haven't tried yet is if Spotpass data is shared between multiple save files (i.e. Samurai Warrior Chronicles) or if it is still valid after save data erasure.
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    This I didn't know.

    What I really want to know is if spotpass can actually distribute NEW content to games. With Street fighter and Nintendogs + cats, you get the impression that its kind of like what Nintendo did on the DS/Wii.. sending you messages and giving you items that are already on the game. Street Fighter even supplies codes instead of including content.

    With Dead or Alive, costumes are saved to the SD card. But I'm still not so convinced.