Something is wrong with my DSTWO card..

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by FullgoreEXE, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Every game i try to play (default patch) leaves the top screen white and the bottom screen with the in game screen (slow motion, free cheat, game guide, etc (THIS screen: When I manually change them to clean mode, it leaves both screens white. Why is it messing up like this?

    My SDHC card is like:

    Games (I created this myself)

    I think I installed everything correctly. If nobody is able to help, can they tell me what to download so I can try wiping the SD card and trying again from scratch? Or even just upload their card contents minus the games and I'll try that? I have experience with flash carts as I have an R4 and Acekard but I've never had this problem.
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    -_-"....It's called clean mode for a reason...You CAN'T use the in-game menu when using clean mode.
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