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    Alright so I just recently got into the wii/homebrew scene after doing some research on it first. My main problem is though, i installed bannerbomb fine, i installed homebrew fine, i install everything that is related with the hackmii program (I'm running firmware 4.1U). So I go to load DVDx first off, i get this strange error message, it was something like Error 2011: Stub. So I ignored it and went on to try a usb loader program, it told me to install cIOS 249, i got a .wad of it and used WAD manager 1.5 to install it. I got another error message.

    So then I was told to downgrade to 3.2, one guide said that the way to do it was to upgrade to 4.2 via system update and then downgrade, i went to system install and got Error Code : 32004 "An error has occured. Unable to perform the Wii system update". So I read more guides on another way to do this, i see another guide that told me to do 4 steps which one of them was install a certain IOS.wad file, and some other things. But I once again couldn't install a .wad file.

    So basically I'm stuck on this firmware version, practically no homebrew apps work because of the cIOS issue. I'm pretty clueless on what to do at this point, someone help me please.
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