Some plugins in Sm4shExplorer are not loading.

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    May 25, 2017
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    New to modding so this may be a simple fix but in the notes loading under the folder tree in Sm4sh Explorer say this:

    ERROR Error while loading the DBs: StageDB: Version 16 for Wii U not supported.
    INFO Load plugins...
    ERROR Cannot load plugin 'Sm4shMSBTReloaded', Reason: 'C:\Users\XYZ\Downloads\sm4shexplorer 0.07.1\sm4shexplorer 0.07.1\tools\MsbtEditor.exe' cannot be found.
    WARN Cannot load plugin 'Sm4shMusic', Reason: The plugin requires the game to use at least version 208

    What is the StageDB and MsbtEditor.exe that I am missing and how to get them working?
    As for the Sm4shMusic, I have the latest version of the game dumped on my PC (version 2.8.8) so I don't understand why the plugin won't work.

    Any help would be great.