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    Alright, I'm sure you get a few of these topics a day however there is no official sticky so...

    I'm looking to buy a gba card for my Ds Lite in order to play gba games only. From browsing the board it looks like my choices are the m3 and the ezflash. I have an r4 ds with ysmenu, a separate sd with woodr4 and one with the original firmware.

    I'm confused by all the different save types, pass me ins etc. and was wondering what card I should get.
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    Also covers other stuff, it is also stickied as well.

    The only thing you need to know about saves is if it doesn't save, you will need to manually patch the rom. That is it.

    Pass Me is running DS games from a slot2 flashcart like the EZ-Flash IV. It is obsolete and no longer works with games with AP, DSi roms absolutely NEVER run from slot2 anyways.