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    Hey there,

    So I've been reading topics on this site for the past couple of days now. I get the basics of what you can accomplish with a hacked Wii U, but not the details that I need to know. So I'll ask my questions as clearly as I can (feel free to ask more details):

    1- A hacked Wii U can play Wii U, Wii and GameCube games from an external drive, but can all 3 format reside on the same source or do I need 2 external HDD (one for Wii U games and one for Wii & NGC)?

    2- I already have a hacked Wii for my Wii & NGC titles and I can select them from the same interface launcher, is there a launcher that will mix Wii U games in there as well or will I need to have 2 launchers (one for Wii U games and one for Wii & NGC)?

    3- I've ripped every Wii and NGC titles from my own collection on to my Ext HDD using my Wii, can I somehow keep using those on my Wii U without doing the same job again (especially for NGC since the Wii U can't read those discs)?

    4- I've been reading that you can't install Wii U games from a different region without causing issues to your system, will the same thing apply for imported Wii and NGC games?

    5- Will I be limited to Wiimotes, Nunchuks and Wii Classic Controllers for Wii games or will I somehow (thanks to some homebrew) be able to use the Wii U Controller Pro? And What about NGC games, how will they be controlled?

    6- If I have a NGC memory card that can be connected to a computer, can I transfer my files to virtual memory cards on the Wii U?

    7- Since the Wii U will be connected via HDMI, will NGC games see this as component output and allow 480p?

    8- I've been reading about how Wii U discs requiring to be ripped in 2GB parts which you must then recombined. Was that guide up to date or are there better tools for that now that will rip Wii U discs in 1 file per game?

    Thank you for your time
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    I think this question is answered 2-3times on the page of the 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' forum where it belongs to (you posted on the wrong subforum btw). I trust your intelligence enough to find one of those since you where able to make a account here and even login :P (It is rude, but I get really tired of this question. Especially in the last 1-3 days. What is it? The Switch launch or the Zelda release? I really don't know...)

    Sadly no. The WiiU has a similar menu to that from the Wii where you have to start a 'Wii Channel' to get to the Wii menu there and only there you can access Wii and NGC (thanks to nintendon't) programs. I wished there already would be a way to do it, but there isn't

    Yes, no problem.

    It's a old thread I know, but anyway

    NGC games support pretty much everything even DualShock 3 and 4 are supported (also the WiiU Pro Controller). As for Wii games, you will be limited to Wii controllers. No WiiU Pro Controller nor the Gamepad (which is a odd choice since you can use it for off-tv play, but only with Wii controllers. You would assume that you can use the Gamepads controlls as Classic Controller, but you can't... (the Gamepad even has a sensor bar build in which you can use for off-tv play))

    Since you own a Wii you can use this tool to get your Memorycard content dumped I'm not sure how exactly you have to insert the saves for using them on WiiU then but it works, somehow.
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    4. Although you only mention it as an introductory clause, installing out-of-region WiiU games will not hurt the system. To run them though, you'd need a patching solution like Haxchi (Haxchi faq) or Mocha, or you could modify the meta.xml for each of the games after installation. The outdated Regionhax did cause some issues if you made a new user profile.

    8. FAT32 has a 4GB limit per file, so if you tried to put the entire image in one file, it wouldn't fit. You can however rip the game to the multi-file package format you need to install it with wupinstaller, which is what most people want anyway, or you can rip to a wux file (compressed image) but some of the games will still be larger than a single wux file.