Some interesting links for aspiring ROM translators/improvers

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    It is not a big secret that I spend several hours a day reading articles on all manner subjects with the aim of enabling me to pull things apart more effectively and in doing so I came across a couple of good articles with fairly direct relevance to the subject of this forum section so I thought I would share them. For the moment I am posting it in a new thread rather than the docs thread so having a bit of discussion is possible without cluttering up said docs. or more specifically the "The long story" section (mainly and )
    While most of us moving in these circles do this for games that were either never translated or had the translation hosed up the articles on said site go into some detail with regards to the programming behind it all (while interesting you can afford to skip the business oriented sections if you want) which is quite useful when it comes to pulling things apart; any hacker can pull apart a well written program but a good one will be able to do it for a badly made one as well.
    I have seen unicode in games (even if it is just UTF16) but that articles works well, at least in my opinion, from both the programmer looking to cross over into the world of hacking and the person who is interested but with no real programming skills.

    Over to everybody else.
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    Thanks a lot for this, Fast. Really useful. [​IMG]
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    Some really interesting stuff there, thanks ;D
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    I'm actually going to "retranslate" some of that stuff to people from my local translation scene, there's lots of useful "truths" to it!