Solder Old Speakers to New Top Screen (DS Lite)

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    I have a broken DS lite that I received from a friend. The hinge is cracked on the left side and the metal ring is exposed. He continued to use it when this happened and eventually the top screen stopped functioning. It only displays white. The speakers still work.

    I had disassembled this DS once and then reassembled it. I tried to make sure the ribbon cable is seated in all the way to make sure the screen is in fact, broken. How do you make sure of this? There's a crease in the cable which I am assuming is the result of the exposed area and the opening/closing of the DS.

    If the ribbon cable is indeed damage I would need a new top screen. Does anyone have tips on soldering the old speakers onto the new screen's ribbon cable? I have read that a low wattage (15w) soldering iron is needed. My soldering knowledge is limited to connecting a wire to another wire, and not onto a ribbon cable. How do you heat the area for the solder without damaging the ribbon?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Check out the video tutorials by supermodchips stickied at top of this forum.

    Obviously you have to be reasonably quick when soldering, to avoid heat damage to the cable, but it's really not as hard as you might think.
    Use flux if you have it.
    Good luck.