Hacking softmii problems


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May 12, 2008
United States
so i ran the softmii installer pack and it works ok but there are a few peculiar problems i have run across.

1) when i power down my Wii now, the power light is red not yellow. i checked that WiiConnect24 is on and my internet connection is working fine. why is the light red? what can i do to fix it.

2) when i exit HBC now, my drive won't start up if there is a game in the Wii. i have to turn my Wii off then back on and then the drive works fine. this is a very frustrating problem and any advice on how to fix it would be great.

i do have a modchip installed and if these issues are preloader related i wouldn't mind just deleting preloader. is there a special way uninstall preloader or can i just remove it from my SD card?

EDIT: i fixed it. it was preloader that was causing the problems. i uninstalled preloader by running anyregionchanger and following the steps in the softmii tutorial and skipping the preloader step. in case anyone was interested.

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