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    Jul 29, 2010
    Well, messed up my DSi [and my AK2i in the bargain] a while back [like, longer than a year]. So, anyway, trying to get back to my semi-normal gaming habits [i.e. getting DSi fixed, getting a new flashcart].

    Um, thing is, I think I'm priced out of the SCDS2 and whatnot, and I'm used to AK2i from way back when [AKAIO is a beast, and I won't touch an R4], so I will prob get one. Thing is, heard the cart's not supported any longer, so, should I still get one?

    More info:
    I see from the site [the AK site] the last update was December last year, and apparently, they have not released a fix for 1.4.5 or something. Now, I don't update my DSi at all [and in any case, it's been shelved for more than a year] so the lack of update to combat 1.4.5 is kind of a moot point to me, as the cart should function seamlessly on a non-updated DSi .

    The more problematic thing is that AKAIO seems to have stopped updating at the same time [the loaders got updated a little after, I guess?], so are there any games that gives it any headaches? Anything else I should watch out for?

    Little help, please? Thanks for your time, guys.
  2. Lacius

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    May 11, 2008
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    AKAIO hasn't received any real loader updates lately because there are no new DS games (since, you know, the DS is dead), so don't let that bother you. It is true that the Acekard 2i cannot work with 1.4.5 and never will; as long as you plan on staying lower than that, the Acekard 2i will work fine on your DSi.

    That being said, if you're buying a brand new flashcart, you might as well buy an R4i Gold 3DS or a Supercard DSTWO. Both of them work on DSi 1.4.5. The R4i Gold 3DS also uses Wood firmware that looks and feels a lot like AKAIO; you could say the softwares are cousins. There's really no reason not to get one of those two.
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