So I got my PS4 this morning...

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  1. T-hug

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    Oct 24, 2002
    After a long day of waiting yesterday, I finally picked up my PS4 from the delivery depot at 8am this morning.
    I've spent the whole of today playing and I am more than happy with my purchase.

    It's fast, sleek and has loads of cool features, some very minimal but very effective.
    I have Killzone Shadow Fall, which is excellent but the AI is pretty dumb, AC4 Black Flag which I haven't opened yet, Contrast, which is quirky but I don't think will last long and Resogun, which is awesome and I will definitely be trying for the platinum trophy!

    One game though that I had never heard of, and I have spent most of my day with, is Warframe.
    This is a free-2-play PC port and I can only describe it as a SciFi Borderlands crossed with PSO. I really like the game and can see myself spending a lot of time (and hopefully no money) with it.

    Has anyone got experience with Warframe? Will I hit a paywall? Can you beat it by grinding?
    Anyone else get their PS4 yesterday?

    Nextgen is officially here for me and it is very exciting!
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  2. Iluyan

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    Mar 9, 2012
    I got my PS 4 friday.

    It feels pretty...."bold" or "kaal" (Dutch) actually.
    I only had Fifa 14 with it. I played a few games and the only difference i see is :
    +Crowd looks much better! (That was an improved i was hoping to see for a LOOOOONG time though)
    +Menu's have a different look/theme but are generally the same
    -They Removed some options like, custom (goal) chants, which i miss VERY much :( and other stuff like creation centre etc.

    But after a few games of fifa, it starts to get boring and you want something else....
    But there really isnt anything.

    It was different when i got the Wii U, about a month ago.
    I only had Wind Waker HD with it but it didnt feel empty, Through Miiverse, i felt connected to the world MORE, than i do now when i stream through my PS4.
    I am actually not getting much viewers and even when i do, they wont chat. How am i supposed to interact with viewers who dont talk ? I tried talking though but the PS4 microphone is kinda weird an i think my voice volume is too low on-stream. There is no propper way to test this on your own.
    The Wii U also had some demo's avaible, (not much, but some) to offer some quick and easy variation. The PSN store feels a bit empty aswell. I hope we will be able to get PS3 game support... I really want to replay Ni No Kuni, and play Beyound Two Souls and The Last of Us.

    Fortunatly i ordered Killzone so i have more options on the PS4.
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  3. T-hug

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    Oct 24, 2002
    As for PS3 support, I read Gakai won't be ready for Europe until 2015!
    I am also very interested to find out if online games like Dark Souls, will work via Gakai.. how can they stream online connections? Or will they just stream the game world and the online code will be local? It's very interesting and puzzling at the same time!

    Also check out this crazy video fro PS4 launch in Germany:

    Not very efficient!
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  4. kristianity77

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    Jul 10, 2003
    Bewdley, UK
    I've got my PS4 and I absolutely love it. Don't regret it for one second. Over in the UK the servers still seem to be a bit hit and miss at times but its getting better and this morning it seemed pretty much normal. With mine ive got FIFA, COD, Battlefield, Killzone, Need For Speed and Assassins Creed and I think all of them are good. Resogun is great as well. I've not played this Warframe one yet though soo will give it a look out.
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  5. Qtis

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    Feb 28, 2010
    The Forge
    My PS4 (the Killzone "ultimate" bundle) got delayed till New Year (Delivery 31st December 2013 - 2nd January 2014). Oh well, at least I'll get it for quite a good price :)

    EDIT: Chrome derped and didn't let me add any more text. As for games on top of Killzone, I'll be getting the following during the spring or summer time:

    AC IV (once it lowers in price)
    InFamous (considering pre-ordering)
    CoD: Ghosts (for co-op and multiplayer)
    Watch_Dogz (once released)
    DriveClub (Depending whether is will be on PS+)
    Knack (if it's good, gotta try first)

    Not really worried about the game library as of now, since I'll be writing my Master's Thesis during the springtime. At least I have time to wait due to not having that much time to play with it.
  6. Iluyan

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    Mar 9, 2012
    Wauw dat launch video o.O it shows how sick and people can be.

    Well i ordered mine, it was sold out here for months already in the Netherlands and you wont believe it but i ordered mine 2 days before its release and it arrived with no problems on release date and i didnt pay anything extra for it xD.

    I received Killzone yesterday, i got to play it for a bit and it pretty nice.
    The story doesnt interrest me so far and i do not feel emotionally attached to the game or characters, the gameplay has some nice features, but the graphics are AMAZING.
    Really Next-Level, At points i just stood still to take a moment and watch the scenery.
    Oh and the controller light is your Health bar indication, which is really cool, if its green you're ok and if it turns orange/red you're about to die xD. And the controller plays the Audio Dialogs you pick up.
    I'l be streaming it a lot the comming days ^^ link is in signature image if you're interrested.
  7. CrimzonEyed

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    Sep 3, 2007
    Yes I wish I had pre ordered... Not a single store seems to have it. (Checked all Swedish online stores)
    And on most of the websites it says they won't have new once in stock until February xd.
  8. EyeZ

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    Dec 4, 2009
    Killzone is a fine FPS & it looks amazing.

    Resogun is a great blast, i'm hooked on it.

    Contrast is a decent enough platform puzzler, can't say i'm too keen on it, but it's ok for short periods of play.

    I had Flower on the PS3 so i was able to download it too, well, it just looks even more amazing.

    So yeah, i'm loving the PS4 & looking forward to more releases that i want to purchase.
  9. Chiverus

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    Oct 7, 2010

    Yeah ive been playing it sense the day after launch here. I would more equate it to mass effect 3 multiplayer but more mission orientated rather then the enemy waves that mass did.

    Im not that far in but my friend is and he has yet hit a pay wall. He even started us a guild and found another frame in his travels.
  10. calmwaters

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    May 27, 2013
    United States
    happy land
    You have my sympathy. But I hope you enjoy it, regardless. It does have some nice features in addition to the games you'll find. Now I can't tell you what the features are since I haven't gotten my PS4 yet. ;)
  11. T-hug

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    Oct 24, 2002

    That is what I expected but after reading some GF posts they say you can grind out everything that you can buy with platinum except 1 or 2 special frames.
    I'm going to stick at it I'm just working up to 100,000 credits to buy a MAG (not sure what they are called in this game?)
    I actually wouldn't mind spending maybe £10-£20 on the game as I do really enjoy it but I'm in no rush to level up or get gear so am just going to carry on as I have been for now. I'm only Level 11 and halfway through Venus.
  12. DJ91990

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    Feb 9, 2009
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    Oakwood Region
    The development team of Warframe is independent, and they are making sure (that the PC version at least) that the game doesn't suffer from power creep, or becomes a pay-to-win game.

    Warframe for the PC was designed as the platinum stuff being optional. You have only so many slots for items and warframes, and you can buy more for platinum (real-world cash) but the game is playable without spending a single penny. The only advantages of investing money into the game is having more warframe slots, more weapon/item slots, and visual appearance stuff like parts for your sentinel and color pallets for your weapons, warframes, and sentinels.

    You can also buy void key sets to enter the Orikin Void, but you can grind defense missions for a chance at getting one. The final thing that you can buy with real world money is new weapons outright. Normally you'd need to buy the blueprint for a weapon with in-game currency (free in-game money) and then locate and gind missions for materials, which seems fairly balanced for the most part. You'd then need to craft the weapon, consuming the blueprint and materials needed to craft the weapon. When crafting a weapon, it takes a specific amount of real-world time to craft it. This can be "rushed" using Platinum (Real-World money) but, again is optional.

    Warframes, Sentinels, and Weapons can be crafted. I would also advise joining a guild ASAP as there is specific weapons that you can research and get blueprints for exclusively in guilds.

    Now this is Warframe for the PC...IIRC, the PS4 version will have it's own servers. Thus having a different community. So your experience may very from the PC version. (Which, if you have a decent PC that can run Windows 7 at least, then why the hell are you playing it on a PS4?! Go download the free 2 play Warfarme for PC! You can still use a controller with the PC version!)
  13. T-hug

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    Oct 24, 2002
    Thanks for the info it's very helpful.
    I am hooked on the game and am still grinding to get a MAG or NAV or whatever they are called in the game (follower).
    I was going to get the one that picks up items but I think I'll go for the Deathcube as it helps beat enemies. I just hit Lv.13.
    If anyone wants to join me add my nick: ThugETH