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    Hello guys,

    well, I am thinking about a 3DS flashcard. I am on N3DS with 9.5 firmware, so sadly no DStwo+ for me.

    I saw that the old Sky3DS had a ten game limit. I had to do a double take until I realized that means 10 games permanently. Per card. Ever. Before that I thought ten games and then you need to reformat your microSD. Duh.

    But as I see that's completely fixed in the new revision? No limit at all? When my card is full I just flush it? Do I need to format it completely or can I take single games off and add others?

    Which microSD card sizes are supported? Does sdxc work?

    So to summarize,
    I buy that thing, load up my microsd with the Transfer software, pop it into my N3DS, switch games by hitting the blue button and when I want to get rid of the games I just switch them out via Transfer software?

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