Snes9x version 1.62.2 was released!


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Jun 17, 2010
Snes9x version 1.62.2

New version was updated! Here the changelog, but quickly was updated from version 1.62 because of some random bugs. :teach:

Version 1.62

Snes9x 1.62
- Fixed SA1 division with negative dividend again. (Atari2)
- Fixed timing on several instructions. (pi1541)
- MSU1 audio with no loop point will not repeat from start.
- Modernized some old memory-related code.
- Fixed a desynchronization in interlaced modes and reporting.
- Remove SA1 access to WRAM.
- Added second set of registers between S-DSP and S-SMP. Fixes
PAL version of Virtual Bart.

Gtk + Windows:
- Added a Vulkan graphics output method. Similar to OpenGL, this
can use libretro's slang shaders.
- Changed the automatic frame skip throttle to take place immediately
before showing the frame, making VRR work better.
- Add menu item to clear recent files entries.
- Add fixed window size changes up to 10x.

- Improved the shader parameters dialog with sliders and resize.
- Allow disabling adding registry entries. Deletes any existing
entries when the option is disabled.

- Switched to CMake for build system. Removed meson.
- Fixed some keys not working with modifiers. (Gutawer)
- Removed graphics options most people won't understand or need.
- Improved wayland support. Handle fractional DPI properly.

Version 1.62.2

Version 1.62.1 had a bug that would erase games' SRAM if save states were loaded. We have better luck with these .2 releases.

Download it here! For Windows 32, 64, Apple Mac and Liberto!


Enjoy! :yay:

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