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    I'm having trouble saving my games with Wii's SNES9x. I created a folder called "saves" and I read you have to save in game and save with SRM (sorry if it's the wrong letters) But ever time i try to save it says file or folder not found. I made the folder I know. I checked many times. Is there a new ver. that works better?? Any tips or hints on what to do? Is there a site to get the most update to date ver?? I looked and couldn't find one, thanks ahead of time for any help.

    Also will it work better if I have a SNES emulator channel? I'll try to look for one if so
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    Just curious, but is the 'saves' folder inside of the 'snes9x' folder? The 'snes9x' folder should be on the root of the SD card, and the 'saves' folder should be inside of that folder.

    You can save with either SRAM and/or a Snapshot. A SRAM save means that you simply save it as it as you would on an actual Super Nintendo console, and a snapshot will save the game at that exact location. When you start a Snapshot up, the game will begin at the exact moment that you quit. It is similar to how the Virtual Console works when you exit a game through the Home menu. Also, on my version of SNES9X (4.1.2), it is set to automatically load and save SRAM when you save in the game, but you can change that.

    To get the latest version of SNES9X, which is 4.1.4, go to the link below...

    When you download this and boot it, go to 'Settings', and then 'Saving & Loading'. You will see both 'Auto Load' and 'Auto Save', and as far as I know, they should both be set to 'SRAM'. However, if they are not, you can change that.

    Now, when you save your progress through the actual game, you can stop the game on the emulator (C-Left on GameCube controller), go to 'Save', and you should see that a SRAM file has automatically been saved to your storage device.
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    Also, it should create the folder for you, or have the folder pre-made when you download it.
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    make sure in options you have auto load SRM otherwise you will have to click load manually each time to load your saves.
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    make sure you created a folder in the root for the file structure....

    Snes9x/saves/ for example if the folder does not exist then how can it be written to [​IMG] by the emu [​IMG]